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Hiromichi Ochiai (FACETASM) よりメッセージが到着しました!


Hiromichi Ochiai (FACETASM) よりメッセージが到着しました!

20年来の友人であるCOSMIC LABのC.O.L.O.からの誘いでジェフ・ミルズと宇宙の旅「THE TRIP」が始まりました。

このジェフとCOSMIC LABの元に集まった




Jeffの創り出したthe tripの多くあるであろう答えの一つが衣装を通して観客の皆様を少しでも導いていけるデザインになるように



At the invitation of C.O.L.O. (COSMIC LAB), who has been my friend for 20 years, "THE TRIP”, a space journey with Jeff Mills, began.

This journey, gathered around Jeff Mills and COSMIC LAB

with Jun Togawa, who has a gifted voice and creates so many genius lyrics

and Hiroaki Umeda, who will interpret the black holes into dance

we, FACETASM, will be in charge of the costumes for this extensive event, merging all kinds of different artforms.

We hope that with our designs we will be able to guide the audience, even if it’s just a little, through the trip towards one of the many possible outcomes of what happens when entering a black hole which have been created by Jeff.

Hiromichi Ochiai (FACETASM)

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