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Hiroaki Umeda よりメッセージが到着しました!


Hiroaki Umeda よりメッセージが到着しました!

Jeff Millsとの初めての出会いは、2007年パリの夜であった。出で立ちの荘厳さと、語るときの静けさは、強い重力で空間を変容させていく彼の音楽からは想像できなかった。衝撃的な印象だった。



梅田 宏明

My first encounter with Jeff Mills was in the night of Paris in 2007. The grandeur of his appearance and the silence when he spoke was unimaginable from his music that transforms space with a strong gravity. It was a striking impression.

Since then, time has passed, and I feel great joy, excitement, and a sense of mission in becoming a part of Jeff's journey.

For me, dance is an exploration of the universe inherent within the body. At the same time, it is an exploration of the external universe. This journey with Jeff to the black hole is also my own exploration. As a member, I am prepared to fulfill the responsibility of supporting this journey.

Hiroaki Umeda

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